Birmingham Health and Safety Advice

Why is health and safety important in the workplace?

There are a number of critical health and safety questions that have to be enquired into by staff. Health and Safety in the workplace is very important. Health and Safety Advice Birmingham can be sought after.Several factors have to be reviewed on a regularly while others are initially investigated and resolved.If an organisation has 5 or more employees it is necessary to have a written health and safety policy. A risk assessment is required for each member of staff and the working environment requires a regular review.One can analyse the most common injuries that may occur at work. What are the chances of a member of staff slipping or tripping? The employees everyday exposure to these risks need to be taken into consideration quite seriously.

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Asbestos Assessment.

One of the major assessments that a company will go through will be related to Asbetsos. One will find that for buildings constructed in the 1950's even upto the 80s possibly uses asbestos as an insulation material. One has to take into account the impact of asbestos if any in one's health and safety analysis. If work is performed from a height e.g. roofing, falls from ladders can be commonly encountered, and injury can result.This type of injury can be very painful and the recovery process quite slow.

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Hazardous Substances

Another question one has to ask is related to the use of hazardous substances or chemicals within the work environment. This will be governed by the control of substances hazardous to health regulations, which cover this aspect of health and safety management. Members of staff have to be trained professionally that are coming into regular contact with chemicals and hazardous material. They should be aware of possible injury and know the procedure to follow if an injury or accident has taken place whilst in the work environment. It is vital that staff review these procedures regularly with workers reinforcing the safety aspects.

Computers in the workplace.

Computer use associated health problems can affect one health on a long term basis. Notably bad backs and eye problems have been reported back by staff who use computers everyday at work.Employers have to invest in work stations that are designed to minimise the health risks.This will also help run a more efficient company as absence from work due to health problems will be quickly alleviated.Staff will no longer suffer endlessly from health problems which result from equipment related issues.Noisy work environments can cause damage to ones hearing. Is ear protection vital in the workplace? Do you have to shout to be heard in the workplace. Is the factory environment very noisy?

Electrical equipment.

A very important aspect of safety is the maintainance of electrical installations. Poor installations can result serious fires which may result in death or serious injury in the workplace. All equipment used must be safe and meet rigorous standards that are set.The health and safety executive or management team will have to conduct regular inspections within the work facility.To invest in quality equipment is very important.To reinforce the correct use of equipment for staff is another important aspect for the management staff. The emphasis should be on training staff and adapting the workplace to create the safest working environment. One has to ask oneself as an employee has all staff been adequately trained to safely carry out the work required. Stress management within the workplace will eventually create a successful company or organisation who can operate in the long term meeting the challenges positively as they arise.